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A city is made up of people, places, connections and small details.

Just like great design. ​I love the city - the smoggy air, the strange people, and the unplanned meetings while walking up a stairwell. I thrive on these elements...


​Nice to meet you, I'm Eitan Cohen

I started Studio ETN after completing a design degree at the Holon Institute of Technology in 2010. Since then, I've worked for leading interior designers in the industry and specialized in urban planning and design. I have planned, designed and managed projects of all types- from commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and stores to private residential projects, public institutions and office spaces.

Studio ETN was born in the city. The city's pace is the studio's pace.​Studio ETN is dynamic, eclectic, and up to date. The studio specializes in urban spaces with the usage of light, natural materials, and functional design with careful consideration towards a space in its natural form.​ The studio believes that good design starts from observation and attention: our focus is the client. 


The client's desires and needs will be planted in the heart of the project.​Accurate planning extends onto connections between materials, people, art, and creation. We make sure to use the correct dosage of materials, shape and color in order to tell a space's story. The studio collaborates with various workshops that aid in building a whole vision by creating custom furniture, light fixtures and one of-a- kind pieces.


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