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Penthouse design

A penthouse is a luxury residential apartment located on the top floor of an urban and shared apartment building of variable height. Penthouse apartments are often characterized by large and open spaces, high ceilings, a spectacular panoramic view and private balconies or rooftops.

The term 'penthouse' began its journey in the luxury residential culture of New York in the 1920s, today the term 'penthouse' describes a wide variety of luxury apartments around the world.

The uniqueness of the penthouse is expressed in the high quality of construction, the advanced technical specifications and the accompanying services, which make it the preferred choice of many looking for exclusive and exclusive residences.

Planning air conditioning and ventilation systems: due to the location on the top floor and the high exposure to the sun, advanced air conditioning and ventilation systems must be planned to maintain a comfortable temperature in all the penthouse spaces.

Selection of materials and textures: carefully choose the right palette of materials and shades and use the right amount of textures to create a luxurious look

Lighting: The natural lighting should be leveraged and artificial lighting should be created to emphasize the advantages of the space.​

Balcony and roof: The design of the balcony or roof is an important and critical part that serves as a key to cracking the direct continuation of the design of the interior space, one that will compliment, accompany and improve the apartment and its level in a way that will allow maximum use and transmit relaxed luxury.
Also, in order to achieve a maximum result and increase the feeling of privacy and exclusivity, they added the winning combination - vegetation, according to the different spaces on the roof or balcony, and those that will be convenient for maintenance and care.

​Designing a penthouse apartment is a fascinating process that includes many advantages, but it poses unique challenges. With proper planning and use

With the help of the appropriate materials and technologies, we can create a luxurious, comfortable and inviting penthouse apartment. Here are some guiding rules according to the ETN method:

Management of large spaces: the open space is indeed an advantage, but also a challenge in planning the spaces. The spaces must be planned so that they feel

Comfortable and intimate, despite the size and openness.

Maintaining a balance in design: Balancing luxury design and functionality can be challenging. The right balance must be found between using luxurious materials and creating comfortable and inviting spaces.

Adaptation to natural light: the penthouses often benefit from a lot of natural light, which requires precise planning of shading and artificial lighting in order to prevent overheating and create pleasant lighting in the evening.

Acoustic treatment: With open spaces and high ceilings, acoustic treatment can be a challenge. There is a need for accurate planning of coverings and acoustic solutions to prevent unwanted echoes and noises.

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