An apartment for a family of 5 | KT5
An apartment for a family of 5 | KT5

An apartment for a family of 5 | KT5

Interior design | Styling

Planning a 120 square meters, 5 bedrooms apartment for a family of five.

We were required to maximize the apartments public space: living, dining and kitchen for all the required functions.

The clients are a young family, therefore, naturally, we had to design the apartment in a way that would suit the changing needs of this family: rooms that can change over time, durable materials, washable fabrics, lots of storage, an active kitchen, an open dining area and a neutral design, as much as possible, For the children's rooms, one that will adapt itself and know how to accept some future changing styles.

In a spare room we created a versatile room that has many uses: a play room, a computer room, a TV room, secondary storage for clothes that didn't fit in the closets of the other rooms, shoes, suitcases and more...

At the same time, it was important for us to maintain a clean and modern line, this can be seen in the minimalistic lighting design, the choice of finishing materials, the furniture, and in general, maximum durability. This will create a light and minimalistic interior space.

To the balcony overlooking the towers of the city, we added a secondary living room, for various types of entertainment an hospitality.

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