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A garden apartment | YBN9
A garden apartment | YBN9

A garden apartment | YBN9

Central District, Israel
Interior design | Total renovation | Styling

A garden apartment on the entrance floor of an authentic building in a neighborhood that is over 100 years old and more, as such, is full of houses for preservation, a rich culture and full of fascinating aesthetics, culture, and human textures.

The apartment we got to plan is 70 square meters, it was divided in a very problematic way that does not consider the existing space, natural light and maximum utilization of the space.

The client's desire was to create an apartment that they could call home, have children in, raise them, this alongside hosting as many friends and family members as they like.

We opened the kitchen, which was built as a separate room, to the living room and created an open concept that maintains open passages and the possibility of having a variety of activities in the space.

We widened the apartment corridor to 130 cm, we move the residents of the house to the private part of the house where we created a pampering master suite, including their own bathroom, a room for a future boy or girl that will now be used as a home office and of course a general bathroom for guests and the rest of the house in the future.

The concept which was the backbone of the design was a "Swedish cottage in Japan", we wanted to match the lightness of the Northern European design with the light and unadorned wood, and traditional working methods with sustainable materials. The concept is reflected in several design elements in the apartment.

In the living room we created a minimalist storage library inspired by Japanese design, which was designed with light wood and traditional joining methods.

This contains a floating cabinet, and a design of cells in the rhythm borrowed from the geometry of the Japanese partitions, which will contain books and bottles of wine and alcohol.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, we chose a very refreshing green color in combination with lighted glass showcases that have transparent glass with a copper tone.

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